Paralleling Matthew McConaughey’s new film Magic Mike, a 33-year-old man has revealed how he now ‘loves his job’ after he went from working in finance to a male strip club.
The anonymous Morningside Heights resident, who works at Hunk-A-Mania’s Midtown Men in Manhattan, told his story to New York Magazine as a tribute to the new, stripper-focused film.
He said: ‘I come from a very sexually conservative background, and this is the antithesis of how I was brought up, or what I would have ever conceived of doing, and I love my job here.’

He added: ‘I worked in finance for a long time. [Now] I look forward to coming here every single week. It’s really cathartic.’
Magic Mike, also starring Channing Tatum, is based on the young actor’s experiences as a stripper in Tampa, when he was 19 years old.
By day, Mike, played by Tatum, works on-and-off in construction, runs a car-detailing service, and dreams of starting his own line of custom furniture.
But he pays the bills at night by working at a strip club called Xquisite, owned and run by the flamboyant Dallas, played by McConaughey.

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