Can a beautiful man make a woman’s day just by tying his shoe? Only if you have the right man, and Joe Manganiello will do. Throw in a bottle of water, a bag of Cheetos and the Backstreet Boys, and a classic movie dance is born.

In “Magic Mike XXL,” the new dance-heavy sequel to the 2012 hit about a group of male strippers, Channing Tatum, as Mike, gives the strapping Mr. Manganiello, playing Richie, a drug-fueled, confidence-building pep talk. They’re on their way to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Mr. Manganiello’s character, we’ve just learned, has more affection for the Backstreet Boys than for the firefighter persona he employs as a stripper.

“You have to be you,” Mike tells him. “I know so.”

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