This week, I stood in the yoga studio in Crunch Fitness’s West Hollywood location, waiting for Stephen “tWitch” Boss to return from his Starbucks run. In one hour, he’d lead me and a group of enthusiastic participants in a Magic Mike XXL-inspired dance class; before the twerking, the body rolling, the hip thrusting, or the ground grinding could begin, though, I had a few things to ask tWitch. Things about twerking. Things about butts. Things about Matt Bomer’s butt in particular.

Within a few minutes, tWitch returned from his coffee run, and we walked over to the two lone stools that had been set in the vast, dark yoga studio. Pushing his stool aside, tWitch says, “If you don’t mind, I’m just going to sit down here and do some stretching.”

“Not at all,” I respond. “I’ll stretch with you.” I sat down, started my recorder, and started asking questions.

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